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Current Students: 

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Financial Support

  • Most students admitted to Plant Pathology receive offers of financial support.
  • Your application to the department also acts as a financial support application. 

Graduate Assistantships

Research Assistantship Positions (RAs)

RAs conduct research under the guidance of a faculty member.

  • Most students hold research RAs. RA availability is limited.
  • RAs carry a stipend, which is updated annually. Current stipend information and program rates can be accessed on this page of the Graduate School’s website. 

Teaching Assistantship Positions (TAs)

TAs conduct a wide range of instructional activities including lecturing, grading papers, supervising laboratories, leading discussion sections, or developing course curriculum.

  • Paid TA appointments are not generally available in Plant Pathology.
  • Many other departments on campus do hire TAs.
  • Students will be notified when such opportunities arise.

Project Assistantship Positions (PAs)

PAs conduct project-related assignments such as coordinating programs, organizing events, analyzing data, or supporting student services.

  • Some departments on campus hire PAs.

For More Information on Graduate Assistantships

Visit the Graduate School’s page on Graduate Assistantships.

Financial Info for International Students

International students should refer to the International Applicant Financial Information website when preparing their applications. Applicants will submit their financial information only after a favorable admission decision has been made.

Other Funding Opportunities

In-course students are encouraged to apply for funding for their graduate education.

External Fellowships

Students and applicants are encouraged to check the Graduate School’s list of external fellowships.


Although the department is committed to supporting students who continue to make good progress, there is considerable satisfaction and prestige associated with obtaining scholarships or grant support.

Additional Information

  • Overview – describes reasons to choose our department
  • Applications & Curriculum – application materials, deadlines, curriculum overview
  • Courses – list of when classes are scheduled to be held (Course Rotation Schedule), current list of Plant Pathology courses
  • Funding – links to info on stipends, international applicant financial info, and the Grad School’s list of external fellowships scholarships
  • Handbooks & Forms – MS and PhD handbooks; various MS and PhD academic forms
  • Grad Student Orgs – lists graduate student organizations in the department