About our facilities…

Russell Labs

The Department occupies the eight floors of the east wing of Russell Laboratories.

  • Labs – Research laboratories on floors two to eight are extensively equipped. Modern teaching laboratories are located on the first and second floors.
  • Growth Chambers – We are equipped with several growth chambers that have controlled light and temperature regimes for use in research and teaching.
  • Greenhouses – Nearby are greenhouses and the Biotron, which provides selective control over physical conditions and permits duplication of environmental conditions almost anywhere on earth.
  • Experimental Farms – Ten experimental farms located throughout Wisconsin offer various conditions for field research.
  • Computing – A computer lab and Help Desk are located on the fourth floor. Individual labs are equipped with personal computers and printers.  Wireless access to the Internet and the department file server is available throughout the building.  Complete statistical consulting and computing services are located nearby in the Animal Sciences Building.  Campus provides free and low cost access to a number of software packages, and discounts on purchasing personal desktops, laptops, and tablets.
  • Modern microscopy facilities – are available in the Newcomb Imaging Center housed in the Department of Botany.
  • Biotechnology Center – This nearby facililty provides services in DNA and protein synthesis and sequencing, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics.