Emeritus Staff

We highly value the ongoing contributions and collaborations in research, teaching, and outreach of our emeritus faculty and staff. Our academic and community connection to those whose work has advanced the discipline before is enriching.

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Stuart Baker

L. Stuart Baker

Research Specialist: Plant Pathology 1977-1990
Information Processing Consultant:
Plant Pathology & Entomology 1990-2008
lsbaker@wisc.edu ( https://www.treenut.net/ )


  • Support for Chris Upper and Dean Arny on joint USDA/UW “Frost Project”
  • Maintained vegetable field research plots at Arlington Experimental Farms
  • Established ‘microclimate gradient laboratory’ on a 10 acre hillside with replicated plots connected by underground data cables
  • Installed and maintained environmental monitoring equipment to study macro and micro climate influence on microbial populations and ice nucleation activity
  • Designed/built Ice Nucleation Spectrometer to simultaneously measure the freezing temp
    of 255 leaf samples to quantify bacterial populations by their ice nucleation activity

Network Administrator

  • Established first computer network in Russell Labs providing internet connectivity, email, web, file sharing, backup, and printing services for Entomology, Plant Pathology, Forestry, Wildlife Ecology (and Nutritional Sciences)
  • Assembled and supervised IT support team in Russell Labs
  • Provided user support and instruction on all things computer and network related
  • Expanded the Herrling Multimedia Lab to provide high-end workstations, printers and scanners to Plant Pathology and Entomology
  • Participated in College and University initiatives to improve IT support on campus


  • Reforest 80 acre dairy farm, Umpire High School and Little League Softball/Baseball, Coach Jr. Bowling, Volunteer, Woodwork, Electronics, Raise silkworm moths, Stage hand at concerts and UW sports venues, Gardening, Travel
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Robert Rand

Robert E. Rand

Distinguished Academic Staff


  • Screen pea P.I. collection for resistance to Aphanomyces pea root rot
  • Breeding for resistance to bacterial brown spot and root rot in snap beans
  • Breeding for resistance to root rot and white mold in dark red kidney beans
  • Evaluate snap bean commercial cultivars for resistance to aerial Pythium Index soil for pea root rot potential
  • Evaluate Burkholderia cepacia and Pseudomonas fluorescens for potential biocontrol of Aphanomyces euteiches in processing peas
  • Investigate the interaction between corn cultivars, phosphorus and mycorrhizae
  • Evaluate chemicals for control of various diseases of vegetables
  • Assistance and advice for many graduate students, staff and post docs


Member of Downtown Madison Kiwanis
Club Projects:

  • Blood mobile
  • Highway Cleanup
  • Salvation army bell ringing
  • Maintain Kiwanis flower garden at Vilas Park Zoo
  • Prepare and serve meal once a month at Wil Mar Neighborhood

Member of Oakwood West Nature Preserve
Committee Projects:

  • Plant oak seedlings
  • Remove invasive species
  • Spread wood chips on trails