Newsletter - The Pathogen

“During the earlier years when our numbers were fewer and duties less exacting, it was possible for us to keep in pretty close touch through personal letters. Recently I have regretfully come to realize that I was missing much of this pleasure and to believe that some of you might also be getting out of touch with each other as well as with the Department. Especially is this true now when war work is keeping all too busy to write much or regularly.”

“We have undertaken to meet these needs in part by this Departmental News Letter, of which I have asked Miss Maude Miller, of our department staff, to act as “editor”.

“If this seems worth while we shall hope to send another at some future time. In any case, I shall trust that it will serve to remind each of you of our continued interest in your welfare and our wish to be kept advised of progress in your work whether of war or peace.”

— L. R. Jones, 1918 Department Newsletter

The Pathogen, born from the 1918 newsletter penned by L. R. Jones and gaining its current name in 1930, is the yearly mailing of the Department of Plant Pathology. Inside each year’s issue you find information on status and breakthroughs among the labs, faculty, and students within Russell Labs and beyond. You will also find a yearly update on the personal lives of our students, staff, and faculty.