Funding Information

Applications to graduate studies act as the application for financial support. Offers of financial support accompany most offers of admission for students admitted to Plant Pathology. Most students hold research assistantships (RA’s). The availability of RA’s is limited. They carry a stipend, which is $25,500 for 12 months (2019/20), a remission of tuition, and the option to participate in a health-care plan comparable to that available to faculty.

International students should refer to the International Applicant Financial Information website when preparing their applications. Applicants will submit their financial information only after a favorable admission decision has been made.

Although paid teaching assistant (TA) appointments are not generally available in Plant Pathology, there are many opportunities on campus to secure such a position. Students will be notified when such opportunities arise.

In-course students are encouraged to apply for funding for their graduate education. Students and applicants are encouraged to check the Graduate School’s list of external fellowships. Although the department is committed to supporting students who continue to make good progress, there is considerable satisfaction and prestige associated with obtaining scholarships or grant support.

The American Phytopathological Society (APS) has a number of scholarships for graduate students, please visit their foundation page for a list of open funding opportunities.