How to Request Changes or Additions to the Department Website

+People Profiles


People profiles are linked from the People item on the site’s main menu. 

The following categories of employees are eligible for profiles on the department website. Click the links to see examples of the listings and detailed profiles.

Profile Types and Examples
  Profile Type   Profile Example
Faculty Summary listing and detailed profile
Research/teaching staff Summary listing*
Postdocs Summary listing
Adjunct and affiliated faculty Summary listing
Graduate students Summary listing*
Emeritus faculty Detailed profile
Emeritus staff Summary listing

* You may be eligible for more detailed profile on your PI’s lab website.  Please contact your PI for further information.

Publications Lists on Faculty Profiles

A detailed faculty profile contains a list of publications. 

We offer two options: 

  1. A link to the faculty member’s Google Scholar profile.
  2. A full list of publications.

Since publication listings constantly change, where possible, we create an automatic data feed from the faculty member’s lab website. The data feed mirrors the publications list; when the publications list is updated on the lab website, the changes appear on the department site. 

In some cases, a live data feed is not possible. We have found problems with lab websites hosted by Google or Wix. 

If the automatic data feed cannot be created, the faculty member will be responsible for providing updated publications lists in a Microsoft Word document. We find it easiest to just delete the existing list and replace it, so please send the full list.  

New Faculty Profiles

Faculty profiles are created as part of the new employee onboarding process. If you have questions about the profile, please use this form

Request Updates to Existing Profiles

Please use this form to submit requests to have your own profile updated.

+Requesting Non-profile Content Additions and Changes 

Please use this form to submit requests to have materials added to the site or updated. 

The form is used to maintain an ongoing list of requests, and to make sure the requests are accessible in case the main content editor is out of the office. 

Some requests may take longer to fulfill than others, depending on workload and on whether the request needs to go through an approval process:  

  • If you propose adding a new page or pages, or a substantial change to existing pages, the request will take longer. These requests are generally held until semester breaks. 
  • If you propose changes to the pages in the Academic sections, the changes will need to be reviewed and approved by Student Services staff. 
+Reporting Errors

If you spot an error on a page that is not your own profile, please use this form to report it. 

We will consult with the page’s Subject Matter Expert before we make the change.