Seminars are held Tuesdays at 3:30 in 150 Russell Labs, unless otherwise noted.



Date Speaker (Host) Title
Feb 12 Guatemala Field Course


Greatest hits in tropical agriculture, conservation, and diseases
Feb 19 Harrison Moon

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Molecular mechanism, and network rewiring of NsdD in Aspergillus nidulans and Aspergillus flavus
Feb 21


Nandhitha Venkatesh

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Deciphering mechanisms of bacterial-fungal interactions influencing plant health and pathogen fitness
Feb 26 Emile Gluck-Thaler (Gold)

Ohio State U.

The architecture of resistance: fungal gene clusters adapted to degrade plant defenses
Mar 05 Joe Roberts (Koch)

U. of Maryland

Microbiome and disease management in cool-season turf
Mar 12 TBD
Mar 14


Max Miao

U. of Wisconsin Madison

Examining the effects of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum) Domestication on the Rhizosphere Microbiome
Mar 19 Chris Peritore (Gold)

Cornell U.

Understanding the Clavibacter-Solanum pathosystem
Mar 26 Corri Hamilton

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Comparative analysis of the xylem environment during Ralstonia solanacearum infection of susceptible and resistant tomato
Apr 02 Christina Zambrana Echevarria

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Mixed infection of soybean viruses
Apr 09 Tina Wu

U. Wisconsin-Madison

Improving integrated management strategies for tomato late blight in organic systems
Apr 16 Katie Gold

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Hyperspectral sensors for early potato disease detection
April 18 Michael Riga Investigating a novel source of boybean cyst nematodes resistance from wild soybean
Apr 23 Dianiris Luciano-Rosario

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Identification and Characterization of Penicillium expansum virulence factors
Apr 25


Marian Lunde

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Estimating the contribution of the soil microbial community to the crop rotation effect
Apr 30  Melissa Mitchum (Bent)

U. of Missouri

Phytoparasitic nematode control of plant cellular processes
May 02


Tomas Rush

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Lipo-chitooligosaccharides: from specific rhizobial signals to nearly ubiquitous fungal quorum sensing molecules