Ann MacGuidwin

Ann MacGuidwin

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Professor Emeritus

Phone: 608-263-6131

491 Russell Laboratories
1630 Linden Dr
Madison, WI 53706

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Ph.D Michigan State University in Entomology (Nematology)


As the department‚Äôs only¬†nematologist, my research projects often include a wide variety of nematode species, crops, and approaches. Members of our group often work in collaboration with other scientists in the Department. I have two primary research interests ‚Äď the role of nematodes in the early dying disease of potato and the overwinter survival strategies of nematodes. We have demonstrated in field trials that the nematode¬†Pratylenchus¬†penetrans¬†and¬†Verticillium¬†dahliae¬†interact synergistically to cause potato early dying and are now studying mechanisms responsible for the interaction. The emphasis of our program on the overwinter survival of nematodes is to understand the ecological and physiological parameters which enable nematodes in Wisconsin to survive freezing. The goal of my collaborative work is to develop sustainable management strategies for nematode pests of potato, soybean, corn, and other crops important to the north central region of the¬†U.S.

Courses Taught

  • Pl Path/Botany 123 Plants, Parasites, and People
  • Soils/Pl Path 323 Soil Biology
  • Pl Path 558 Biology of Plant Pathogens


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