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wdt_ID Faculty Member More Info Lab Website Email Phone Address Expertise
1 Professor Paul Ahlquist Profile ahlquist@wisc.edu 608-263-5916 841a Robert M Bock Lab 1525 Linden Dr Madison, WI 53706 Molecular mechanisms of viral replication, host interactions and oncogenesis
2 Professor Caitilyn Allen Profile callen@wisc.edu (608) 262-9578 885D Russell Labs Biology of plant pathogenic bacteria, tropical plant pathology
3 Associate Professor Jeri Barak Profile barak@plantpath.wisc.edu 608-263-2097 790 Russell Labs Advancing the field of plant-microbe interactions by studying the biology of S. enterica in association with plants.
4 Professor Andrew Bent Profile afbent@wisc.edu 608-265-3034 886 Russell Labs Plant responses to pathogens; molecular basis of plant disease resistance.
5 Associate Professor Amanda Gevens Profile gevens@wisc.edu 608-890-3072 689 Russell Labs Diagnosis, biology, and management of fungal and other pathogens of potato and vegetable crops in Wisconsin
6 Assistant Professor Mehdi Kabbage Profile kabbage@wisc.edu 608-262-0506 583B Russell Labs Plant fungal interactions - Molecular mechanisms of host resistance - Programmed cell death
7 Assistant Professor Paul Koch Profile plkoch@wisc.edu 608-576-2673 283 Russell Labs Urban Ecology and Turfgrass
8 Assistant Professor Richard Lankau Profile lankau@wisc.edu 608-262-3084 Russell Labs Rm 391B
9 Ann MacGuidwinhttps://plantpath.wiscweb.wisc.edu/professor-ann-macguidwin/ Profile aem@plantpath.wisc.edu 608-263-6131 491 Russell Laboratories
10 Professor Patricia McManus Profile psm@plantpath.wisc.edu 608-265-2047 376 Russell Laboratories
Faculty Member More Info Lab Website Email Phone Address Expertise